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A leader in the nanooxide industryDevelop green technological materials to benefit the world

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Develop into A leader in the nanooxide industry

    Ningbo Jiweina New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


    The company is located in Cixi Binhai Economic Development Zone, Ningbo City. It is a selected enterprise in Ningbo City's "Yongjiang Talent Project" and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the technology development of new nano-oxide materials and air treatment products. The company has a basic laboratory and pilot development base of 1,500 square meters and a chemical production and manufacturing base of 45.8 acres.

    The company has two business divisions: nanooxide and photocatalyst technology.

    Products are mainly used in various industries such as lithium batteries, electronic components, catalysts, coatings, textiles, rubber, plastics, photocat···

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    Develop green technological materials to benefit the world

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    ​Only when the world is green can the earth have a pulse; on the big stage of environmental protection, science and technology create wonderful things! After ten years of hard work, Ningbo Jiwei Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed over a period of 15 years and has become a team with more than a dozen scientific researchers (mostly Ph.D.s and current professors), 2 automated production plants, dozens of The environmentally friendly Iron Army's excellent products with invention patents are going global one after another: 3-5 nanometer photocatalyst technology is the world's top and exported to more than 40 countries; it is not afraid of high temperatures and humidity, and is long-lasting.
    ​The "low-cost large-scale development and utilization of ultra-high dispersion nano-TiO2 new materials" project led by Dr. Li Jianming, technical director and researcher of Ningbo Jiwei Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd., has gone through application screening, qualification review, multiple expert reviews, and authenticity review After numerous assessments, such as due diligence visits, review and issuance of documents, it stood out from the competition of more than a hundred high-tech technology companies and was successfully selected for the 2022 "Yongjiang Talent Project" capital introduction team project.
    ​In order to understand the development status of member companies in the post-epidemic period, strengthen the communication between the Chamber of Commerce and member companies, and further enhance the Chamber of Commerce’s service and care for member companies, on the afternoon of August 31, 2022, Zhang Zongbao, Executive Chairman of Ningbo Fujian Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director Vice President Zeng Fulin, Vice President and Secretary-General Wang Chuanyan, Vice Presidents He Taiguo, Sun Huaqiang, Advisor Zhu Jianzhong, Director Wu Jinsheng, Youth Association Vice President Zhang Xiang, member Yin Zhenxiu, and office Geng Shulan visited Ningbo.
    ​Recently, Ningbo Jiwei Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the High-tech Enterprise Certificate (Certificate Number: GR202133100925) after research and approval by the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Ningbo Municipal Finance Bureau, and Ningbo Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. The threshold for national high-tech enterprises is relatively high, and recognition must go through strict evaluation and approval procedures, which means that our company's technological achievements in the field of new nanomaterials have been recognized by relevant national departments.