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Project Description

Nano TiO2 (Rutile) MZT-R1

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Water soluble rutile nano-TiO2 powder without aggregation, greatly enhance the applications

Basic properties

Index ItemMZT-R15MZT-R50
ComponentNano Titanium Dioxide
AppearanceWhite Powder
Particle ShapeNanorods
Size / nmS=15, L=50S=50, L=200
BET/ m2g-150±530±5
Surface characteristicsHydrophilic Property, Weak Acidity
Surface TreatmentNo
Heavy metal (calculated by Pb) %Undetected
Pb W%Undetected
Hg W%Undetected
Cd W%Undetected
Cr6+ W%Undetected
PBBs W%Undetected
Key FeaturesDispersed in water without aggregation, Long-term stability, Blue phase, Strong UV absorption, et al.
Main purposeCosmetics, Coatings, Plastics, Ink and Other fields


1. MZT-R1 can dispersed into the water to form a transparent solution with light blue appearance. The process is easy to handle, and is vital for replacing other rutile which can’t be dispersed.
2. The surface of MZT-R1 does not contain organic additives, which can be used in a wide range of fields. When mixed with water, it formed a stable rutile TiO2 suspension, the suspension is stable for serval months without aggregation.
3. MZT-R1 is rutile phase with small size (15nm x 50nm nanorod) with narrow size distribution. It has stronger ability to absorb ultraviolet light, and is transparent under visible light. It can replace the existed rutile nano titanium dioxide, and expand the application of materials in coatings, plastics, inks, pearlescent pigments, sunscreen and skin care products.

Email: sales@asianano.cn

Fig.1 XRD pattern of the TiO2 products, the main crystal phase is rutile.

Fig.2 This is the SEM image of the product after being dispersed in water and dried. It is confirmed that the particle size of the material is uniform and the monodisperse effect is good. The particle diameter of mzt-r15 product is 15 nm and the length is 50 nm; The particle diameter of mzt-r50 product is 50 nm and the length is 200 nm.

Fig.3 The process of TiO2 powder dispersed in water to form a stable solution with obviously Tyndall Effect. The is stable for one month without aggregation.

Fig.4 The particle size of the product is small and uniform, which can absorb, reflect and scatter ultraviolet rays, especially medium and short wavelength ultraviolet rays. The product can be dispersed in water to form a transparent dispersion; It can be used in high-end or plain skin care products, transparent materials, pearlescent pigments, high-end automotive paints and other fields. After addition, it will not affect the color of the materials. The products can also be used to replace or improve the performance of titanium dioxide in plastics, coatings, paints, inks, fibers and other fields

Fig.5 Photo images of MZT-R1 solution with different content, water and P25 are used for comparison. 

Product application advantages

  • Super dispersion: monodisperse, non agglomerate
  • Strong UV absorption: UV light completely absorbed
  • Ultrahigh transparency: weak visible light absorption
  • No additives: safety and non-toxic

Main applications of the product

1. Plastics, coatings, paints, inks, fine ceramics and other fields

MZT-R has smaller and more uniform particle size and strong UV absorption ability, which can replace or improve the performance of titanium dioxide in plastics, coatings, paints and other fields.

2. Sunscreen & skin care, pearlescent pigments, fiber textiles etc.

MZT-R can reflect, scatter and absorb ultraviolet light, especially the medium and short wavelength. It can be used in sunscreen and skin care products, pearlescent pigment, high-grade automobile paint, etc.

MZT-R transparent to visible light, It can be used for plain skin care products, transparent materials, etc., without affecting the color of the material itself.

Email: sales@asianano.cn