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Project Description

Nano Fe2O3 MZT-Fe1

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Water soluble monodisperse nano iron oxide (α – Fe2O3)

Basic properties

SubjectsPhysical Property
AppearanceRed powder
Crystalline Phaseα-Fe2O3
Average Particle Size20 nm
0.1‰ Aqueous SolutionRed liquid
Fe2O3 Content (drying)98%
Surface PropertiesHydrophilic


1. The better dispersive of nano iron oxide (α-Fe2O3) in water, the stronger its coloring power. The coloring pigments are realized by the effects of pigment surface and light. The good dispersion with smaller particle size and higher BET specific surface area, the pigments coloring ability and covering ability are strong.
2. To achieve the same covering effect, the better dispersive of α-Fe2O3 in water, the less it is used, thus reducing the cost. At the same time, the appearance of products will be uniform, delicate, less color spots and less chromatic aberration.
3. The better dispersive of α-Fe2O3 in water not only affects the appearance (spots, streaks, luster, color and transparency), but also affects the quality of products, such as strength, elongation, aging resistance and resistivity.


1. Used for coloring of paint, rubber, plastic, building, etc.
2. It is inorganic pigment and used as antirust pigment in coating industry. It can also be used as colorant for rubber, artificial marble and ground terrazzo, colorant and filler for plastics, asbestos, artificial leather and leather polishing paste, polishing agent for precision instruments and optical glass, and raw material for manufacturing ferrite components of magnetic materials.
3. Used as catalyst, color coating, etc.

Email: sales@asianano.cn

Fig.1 SEM image of MZT-Fe1. It can be seen that the particle size of nano Fe2O3 particles is uniform, and the particle size is about 20 nm.

Fig.2 XRD pattern of MZT-Fe1, indicating a pure (α-Fe2O3) crystal phase with good crystallinity. 

Fig.3 Photo images of MZT-Fe1 solution with different content, 0.5‰ FeCl3 and 0.5‰ Fe(OH)3  are used for comparison. It can be seen that the dispersion of MZT-Fe1 is uniform with red color even at very low 0.05‰ concentration (50 mg/L), showing strong coloring power.

Email: sales@asianano.cn