//Nano AlOOH (Boehmite) powder MZT-AH03
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Project Description

Nano AlOOH (Boehmite) powder MZT-AH03

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Part 1: MZT-AH03 product overview

The brief introduction of Aluminum hydroxide (AlOOH)

Aluminum hydroxide (AlOOH), also known as pseudo-boehmite or boehmite, when formulated into an aqueous dispersion, it is called aluminum sol, or pseudo-boehmite sol or boehmite sol. It’s micelle structure model is describe as below.

Part 2: Physical properties

Technical dataNano AlOOH (Boehmite) powder
Appearance CharacterWhite powder
Aluminum content /w%≥40%
Crystal type Boehmite
Particle ShapeNanorod
Particle size (nm)D=3±1 nm, L=20±10nm
Loss on drying under 120 0C /%%s
Surface characteristicsHydrophilic property
Specific surface area /m2g-1250±10
Heavy metal (calculated by Pb) /w%Undetected
Pb /w%Undetected
Hg /w%Undetected
Cd /w%Undetected
Cr6+ /w%Undetected
PBBs /w%Undetected
Na+ /w%≤1%
Cl- /w%~5%
Key FeaturesUltrafine nanosizes, Weak acidity, Large BET surface, No aggregation, No additives, Long-term stability

Part 3: Technical advantages

1.The nanoparticle size of the material is small, and the diameter of the nanorod is less than 5nm.
2.The specific surface area (BET) of the product is large, about 250 m2/g.
3.Weak acidity (pH 4-5), which solves the release of acid gas in the use of aluminum sol.
4.The powder could be easily dispersed in the water to form a stable colloid without heating or adding acid.
5.Nanoparticles are evenly dispersed, transparent and stable for a long time.

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Part 4: Physical property test

Fig. 1 The lower and higher transmission electron microscope (TEM) images of the products, confirmed that it is a nanorod structure, and the diameter of the nanorods wre about 3±1 nm.

Fig. 2 The optical pictures of MZT-AH03 dispersed in the water with different concentrations (From left to right is water, 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20%), confirm that the products can form a stable dispersion in water, which is stable for a long time without agglomeration and stratification.

Fig. 3 The XRD pattern of the products, confirmed that the crystal phase is bohmite crystal phase.

Fig. 4 According to the pH meter test, the pH value of the 1% MZT-AH03 aqueous is 4.51.

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Part 5: Application guideline

5.1 Application of refractory industry

Aluminum sol has adhesiveness, film-forming property and heat resistance. It can be used as binder for inorganic fibers such as glass fiber, asbestos and ceramics, and can be sprayed arbitrarily. It can also be mixed with refractory powder or inorganic fiber to prepare high-temperature refractory.

5.2 Application of inorganic refractory fiber cotton industry

As an aluminum source, the aluminum sol has a certain viscosity, and the fiber embryo is formed through the wire throwing process. After high temperature heat treatment, various inorganic refractory fiber cotton containing alumina are obtained, such as alumina fiber, aluminum silicate fiber, high silica alumina fiber, etc.

5.3 Application of aerogel industry

As an aluminum source, it can form aluminum oxide hydrogels, or compounded with silicon oxide to form alumina/silica oxide composite hydrogel. After drying, the hydrogels are transfer into aerogels, the aluminum could enhance the rigidity and temperature resistance of aerogels.

5.4 Application of petrochemical industry

As a precursor, aluminum sol can be used to prepare catalyst support or molecular sieve of activated alumina, high-purity alumina and alumina series, etc.

5.5 Application of textile fiber industry

Treatment of textile fibers to improve fiber elasticity, smoothness, antistatic and anti-dust absorption. Handle fishing nets and climbing ropes, increase friction coefficient, improve strength and impact resistance, etc.

5.6 Application of industrial cloth and fluff industry

Coating a layer of aluminum sol on the surface of industrial filter cloth or fluff can make it antistatic, improve the smoothness and hand feel of the material, and increase the firmness and wear resistance.

5.7 Application of ceramic industry

Aluminum sol has fire resistance, adhesion and film-forming ability. Adding it to ceramic appliances can increase the green body strength, and then it can be made into various ceramic products through molding, calcination processes.

5.8 Application of paper industry

As an inorganic filler and binder, aluminum sol is used in paper industry, which can improve the strength, smoothness, whiteness and moisture resistance of paper.

5.9 Application of coating industry

Adding aluminum sol into all kinds of acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, vinyl acetate or silicone acrylic coatings, it can improve the strength, hardness, heat resistance and antistatic property of coatings.

5.10 Application of other industries

Boehmite AlOOH could be used to improve battery material and diaphragm, to enhance battery capacity and service life. It is used for polishing the surface of ceramic tiles and plates to obtain a transparent and smooth object surface. It also could be used in cosmetics, ointment, etc.

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