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High-purity Boehmite AlOOH powder


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Table 1 Technical parameters of high-purity Boehmite AlOOH powders

Technical dataJWN-2.5N-AH01JWN-3N-AH01JWN-3.5N-AH01
CharacterWhite powderWhite powderWhite powder
Crystal typeBoehmiteBoehmiteBoehmite
Purity /%≥99.5%≥99.9%≥99.95%
Loss on ignition /%≤22≤22≤25
Specific surface area /m2 g-1≥150≥200300±20
Pore volume /cm³ g-10.5±0.20.5±0.20.8±0.1
Dispersion index /%≥98%≥98%≥99%
Sodium content /ppm≤200≤100≤100
Iron content /ppm≤200≤100≤50
Silicon content /ppm≤100≤100≤50

Main Applications

JWN-2.5N-AH01 and JWN-3N-AH01 products have high purity of Boehmite crystal phase, higher dispersion index. They are characterized by High-purity, good colloidal properties, strong cohesiveness, large specific surface area, moderate pore volume, etc. Their performance is the same as that of SB powder materials, and the price is low. JWN-3.5N-AH01 product is obtained by aluminum isopropoxide route. It has 99.95% high purity, uniform particle size, large pore volume, large specific surface area, high viscosity, high gel solubility index, etc., and its performance is superior to that of SB powder material.

The product has broad application fields as follows.

1. It is used as a binder in petrochemical catalyst industries or as aluminum source for synthesis molecular sieve

Boehmite can be used as catalyst binder in petrochemical industries. Boehmite binder can not only improve the strength of the catalyst, but also adjust the pore size distribution of the catalyst, improve the thermal and hydrothermal stability of the catalyst, adjust the density of the acidic active center of the catalyst, and improve the catalytic activity.

2. It is used as catalyst carrier

Boehmite is widely used as catalyst carrier in chemical, oil refining and petrochemical reactions, and its typical examples are hydrofining catalyst carrier, reforming catalyst carrier, methanation catalyst carrier, etc. γ- Alumina derived from Boehmite can also be used as catalyst.

3. Other applications

It is used to produce high-grade abrasives, easy to sinter, with high hardness and large bulk density.
Colorants and stabilizers for glass and enamel industry.
Used in ink, photoelectric and other industries.


Email: sales@asianano.cn