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Self Cleaning

Photocatalyst has strong oxidation power and super hydrophilicity. When sprayed on the surface of the object, it can form a photocatalyst antifogging coating. At the same time, due to its strong oxidation reaction effect, it can oxidize the organics on the surface of the object, so that the coated object has a self-cleaning function.

(1) Self cleaning of building exterior wall
After spraying photocatalyst on the building exterior wall, the pollutants and harmful substances on the building surface can be quickly decomposed under the sunlight. When it rains, the decomposed pollutants will be washed away with the rain, so as to maintain the beauty and color of the building exterior wall and achieve the effect of self-cleaning.

(2) Photocatalyst ceramic tile
Due to the oxidation and decomposition ability of photocatalyst, the number of bacteria in the air can be greatly reduced, so as to ensure the air quality of the hospital. Photocatalyst ceramic tile can not only kill bacteria and virus, but also inhibit odor, corrosion and dirt.

(3) Photocatalyst glass
The film with high photocatalyst function is coated on the glass surface, which can effectively remove the dirt due to the oxidation function and super hydrophilicity of photocatalyst; it can keep the clean and beautiful appearance of the car and ensure the safety of driving in rainy days when applied to the rear-view mirror of the car.

(4) Photocatalyst sunshade
The roof of gymnasium, warehouse and station passage, sunshade of shops and entertainment facilities, roof of residential platform are designed with photocatalyst material, which has good cleaning and antifouling functions, and the self-cleaning effect is very obvious.

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