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It can improve adhesion, anti-aging and scrubbing properties of ink, paint and textile. When nano TiO2 and aluminum powder mixed pigment or nano TiO2 coated mica pearlescent pigment are added to the coating, the coating can produce mysterious and changeable heterochromatic effect. The main reason is that when the incident light hits the nano TiO2 particles, due to the small particle size, the blue light will have a strong scattering. As a result, the green light and red light excluding the blue light are reflected by the aluminum sheet into positive and negative light, That is to say, the scattered light is the light with strong blue phase, and the reflected light is the light with strong yellow phase. TiO2 microcrystals with the particle size of tens of nanometers also give the coating metal luster effect, pearlescent effect, flashing effect and hyperchromic effect, which makes the car surface seem to be a pearl flake shining, giving people a sense of depth and hierarchy.

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