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Food Preservation

In recent years, with the continuous understanding of nutrition intake, the demand for fresh vegetables and fruits is rising rapidly, and the shelf life of these foods should be at least one week. Map (modified atmosphere packaging) is the most common packaging technology for fresh fruits and vegetables. Its preservation principle mainly depends on the gap formed by the thermal vibration of the polymer chain of the packaging film material as the channel through the gas molecules. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the best proportion of the gas components in the packaging for the preservation of vegetables and fruits through gas penetration, so the key is the research and development of the preservative film.

Titanium dioxide is a kind of inorganic functional materials, and nano-sized titanium dioxide shows excellent properties that ordinary titanium dioxide does not have, such as sterilization, ultraviolet absorption, self-cleaning effect and good barrier and mechanical properties. All these properties are ideal for fresh-keeping packaging materials of vegetables and fruits.

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