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Air Treatment

TiO2 photocatalyst as a functional material for environmental purification. Under light irradiation, TiO2 can decompose organics into carbon dioxide and water. TiO2 has been widely used to air purification, such as decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances.

Our TiO2 solution is transparent, spotless, with good aldehyde removal efficient and low price, it is an ideal core component of photocatalytic air treatment, which is used for industrial gas treatment and indoor air purifier industry.

(1) Photocatalyst spray
Photocatalyst spray is one of the most commonly used photocatalyst air purification products. Its main application fields include home, office and other living and working places, school, hotel, hospital, supermarket, hotel and other large buildings, automobile, subway and other transportation fields. It is mainly used to purify the indoor and outdoor air by spraying photocatalyst on the exterior and interior of the building. Photocatalyst can not only be used outdoors, but also be used indoors to achieve the same purification effect as ultraviolet light with the help of fluorescent lamp and led.

2) Air purifier
Photocatalyst air purifier can effectively decompose the volatile toxic and harmful substances in the air to achieve the purpose of air purification. At present, photocatalyst air purifiers mainly include air purification systems for shopping malls, schools, hospitals and companies, household air purifiers, vehicle air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Photocatalysis is also one of the mainstream technologies for VOCs treatment of industrial exhaust gas, and has a wide application prospect.

(3) Road building materials
In metropolitan traffic intensive areas, photocatalyst can be sprayed on the road regularly to rapidly decompose harmful substances in automobile exhaust, so as to achieve the purpose of air purification. At present, the photocatalyst is used as additive in road construction, such as paint, cement, sound wall and light shield.

(4) Deodorization
The use of photocatalyst air purifier can effectively eliminate the odor of car, wardrobe and shoe cabinet, and purify the air.

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